Friday, September 18, 2009

Silent Togetherness!!!

The paths were still wet by the fresh drizzles. The brim of the leaves still had the pearls of rain drops. With one shake or a little wind they would all shower down like stars. The rare blooms of the monsoon shone bright in the twilight. There was some freshness in the air. We sat on the Swing swinging slowly. It felt great sitting there, moving to and fro enjoying the mild fresh beauty of the evening.
I like to sit there with my son munching on our respective snacks. He sits silently with all his mind on the snack and it gives me my silence too to suck in the scenic marvel. May be he too likes these moments of silent togetherness with his ‘amma’.

These are the small moments of happiness of Life to be cherished and such moments are all the wealth that we can amass in a lifetime and keep it with us till the very end.:))


Mamta Rawat said...

very nice thought, well writen, full of feelings. sometimes in life all of us feel happy in the silence talk with nature, being with someone special with us. Silence says many things, it just needs to be understood.

Mak said...

true...its an amazing feeling. Strikes d same chord.. my 2 yr old nephew, keeps silent only when he is tired of runnin all over the park..but only for a few momnets..those few moments brings in a great sense of joy...

Beautifully expressed here..