Sunday, October 24, 2010


Where does the search end?
Does it ever end? NO!!

With the old ones, join the new
Unconsciously, the searches continue

This constant quest; is what
That keeps us all going

Life wouldn’t be the same
Sans the searches for the unknown

Life exists due to the obscure
So why bother?-
When search is on, Life is on too !!

[The mind wants to be in a constant state of quest, of exploration. So the quest and the search is ever on and that is the essence and romance of life. Its like the travel into a dark tunnel where layers and layers reveal themselves. The more you see, the more is there, so u go on.. we need to go on.. so the search never ends.. why should it?  After all it is a journey of self-exploration !]

Friday, September 10, 2010

Can't you make me smile again!?

63 years you count and cheer

pat on your own backs, a pride false

what so great to smile, to celebrate

when I stand grieving, can’t you see?!

I cry, yes I cry

For those who burn alive

Blast away as thousand charred pieces

Merrily who walked the street, unaware

Moments after are just specks numerous

Oh I cry, my heart bleeds

For those sons of my own soil

Day and night who till and toil

Burdened up they live in turmoil

And garland themselves in a rope coil

How can I not grieve? Yes I do!

Living in the valley of exotic beauty

My children think only of black soot

Hollow hearts they move about,

Dying each day; anticipating terror.

I am angry, too furious

At all your smiles of false triumph

Over blind issues: all your fights

Religion, region, mine and his

Never think of me? Am I still “MOTHER” India?!

Wake up my children, please I beg

Can’t you make me smile again

And bask in the pride of being ‘ME’

Mother to a Nation of virtues, where

Each one smiles straight from the heart.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Let me be 'ME'

( this is an 7 year old poem i found in one of my old books)

Let me be a small bird

to fly to you with all cheer

whisper a love song in your ear

shall settle merrily on your arm

let me be that cool breeze;

bringing relief from lonely heat,

let me embrace you with all force

and be one with you, an ecstatic treat

let me be the first drop of rain

trickling down the curvy path

to reach all of you, and attain….

oh! to drench you with overflowing love

OH no! let me be ME and only ME

for me is the one you love

with all your heart and soul

for I am your sole, soul mate!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Silent togetherness (POEM)

an article of the same name converted into a poem!!

Path glistens after the drizzles fresh
Pearls of raindrops on brim of leaves,
A little wind; pearls showers like stars.
Rare monsoon blooms shine bright.
A strange freshness fills the evening air.

Matching his small steps I walk him to the swing
We sit; enjoy the sway to and fro
He sits silent, a sweet smile and dreamy eyes
I too am quiet savoring the scenic marvel.
A rare “silent togetherness” me and my son.

These small moments of happiness; untold
Is all the wealth that we can amass,
Can keep it with us intact till the very end
So appreciate these and start the hoard :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


Sitting on the blanket of greenery,
dew drops on grass blades silvery,
when cool breeze embraces me
i wish you were near me!

Flapping wings as birds fly by,
and disappear into a Magic land
when sky blushes, Sun hides
i wish you were near me!

as all the green turns gray-black!
one by one lights flicker at far
when slowly stars smile at me
i wish you were near me!

i want to share all the joy
appreciate tiny things that are
bliss of Life, with you beside
I know you’ll always be there !!


This urge cannot be quenched
I feel this for sure, it’s true
An eternity of nearness will do no good
As time will pass, without clue

Togetherness is like a dream, sweet
We’ll never ever want to wake
Our inner selves we shall meet
Memories to cherish, we will make


One that is ever hungry
i am that fire sultry
consuming all, being consumed
i am also the firefly summed

burning off; i become new
like a snake that sheds skin
i move on shaking off- to Live
-all the soot; devoid of sin.