Friday, September 18, 2009

Silent Togetherness!!!

The paths were still wet by the fresh drizzles. The brim of the leaves still had the pearls of rain drops. With one shake or a little wind they would all shower down like stars. The rare blooms of the monsoon shone bright in the twilight. There was some freshness in the air. We sat on the Swing swinging slowly. It felt great sitting there, moving to and fro enjoying the mild fresh beauty of the evening.
I like to sit there with my son munching on our respective snacks. He sits silently with all his mind on the snack and it gives me my silence too to suck in the scenic marvel. May be he too likes these moments of silent togetherness with his ‘amma’.

These are the small moments of happiness of Life to be cherished and such moments are all the wealth that we can amass in a lifetime and keep it with us till the very end.:))

Thursday, September 17, 2009


16 September 2009

I had been to my son’s school today to pay some fees and while I walked down the stairs out of the school I saw pupils walking into the school. As always a host of helping maids were standing through out the path from the school bus to the class room doors. I thought that their job was so pleasurable, to be in company of all these innocent & beautiful minds. Even though they do this daily, every time I see them, they look cheerful and interested in welcoming the toddlers. I noticed that some of them couldn’t resist but place a kiss on some of the kids' cheek.

Seeing all this with amusement as I walk down I see Sumedh at the end of the pavement with a alert look on his face. Helped by a Maushi as he calls her, he climbed two steps to the pavement and started walking towards another series of stairs. He saw me and said “Amma, Hi” and came to me. His grown-up-boy-like “hi” surprised me. He dint show his surprise at seeing me and greeted me in a professional way. I told him to walk to the class room with his friends and said that I would meet him as usual at our building gate. As he walked past I couldn’t hold back the little tears in my eyes. He turned and smiled at me once and then happily disappeared with all his peers.

The smile on my face which appeared on seeing him froze there for another half an hour. This was the first time I saw him without me heheheh!!!??? Yes, the first time I saw him independent, all by himself, responsible. My little boy, who clung to me every second, who needed me for every small thing, my own little part seeking attention 24*7; was now walking with small steps towards Life, towards being a free individual. He had grown out of me, but I think I still need time to grow out of him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In the silence of the hour I sit and click and click around here on my pc. I listen to the sweet chirps of the blabbering birds below and there is a happy silence in the home. After a week long of talks and talks now it feels great in this solitude where I am with me and with me once again. Humans are social beings they say, but with all the social needs I think each of us need this solitude, to sit back in silence of our solitude and think or just enjoy this existence, to retrospect, to just relax. I enjoy it very well unlike some who might feel it boring to be lonely. May be I crave for loneliness sometimes strange as it may sound

It’s tough not to love you

The light that sparkles in my eyes
The spark that kindles my heart
The kindled soul that never goes off
You are that Light to me.

The thought that makes me smile
The smile that brightens my face
and lingers there to never go off
You are that thought to me

The life of companionship I foresee
I see u and only u by my side
In all the struggles and in glee
It’s tough not to love you