Friday, July 17, 2009


The Rain goes tipper tipper on her window as if asking her to open the door and let him in. he has a message for her he says. She sits there by the window wondering what might be that he wants to tell her and why is he so desperate. He tells, I have come to you after a long long time, crossing so many lands, hills and oceans. I get blown in all directions from the wind who thinks he owns the sky. Such pains I endured to come back to you, but you just close the doors and sit there, not even wanting to listen to my talk. I know, u have taken me for granted, you know that even after all this negligence from u I will come back to you. So u sit there mum. Can’t you just once open your mind and think?

She ignores him and continues doing her chores, being deaf to all that Rain says. OK! He says you do your meaningless works, and pretend that you can’t listen, can’t see, can’t notice that I your Love is in trouble. I need you to save me. This time I go I may not be bale to come back to you. So please HELP ME!! HELP YOURSELF!!!

Yes, it’s true, I am more concerned for u my love. I am scared for you. You just act as though you don’t notice it... But yeah, one day sooner you will suffer. Oh I feel so sorry. I will survive somehow in some remote place unheard of, but what about you. Can you live without me? I am the light of your eyes, I am the smile on your face, on a hot summer day I am the elixir u pour down your throat, I am the fragrance of your body. How can u live without me my dear? So all that I ask is to just love me, help me come back again and again to you. After all that I have done to you, can’t you do this little thing for me, FOR YOU….???

She couldn’t take this anymore. The Rain drops were hammering on the door now. There was lightning thunder and then… yes there she could see his desolate face through the glass window. He was crying. Just for a second their eyes met and then there was darkness. Abruptly the roaring sound stops, a sad blank silence. She hurriedly opens the door. Too late!!!? Yes. He is gone. No sign of him to be seen except for his last huge drops of tears. She sits there at the open door cursing herself. Oh why did I let him go? Why did I do this to myself?

Yeah can u all see yourselves sitting at that door, now open, but once closed…when it needed to be open. Open mind, empty hearts, and sooner dry mouths… yeah!.. The elixir of our lives has gone far…this is just a beginning of a long wait!!!!


AJEYA RAO said...

Hey Anupama...nice blog.

anupama said...

Thank you!!

RKRISSH said...

Nice write ups keep it up

anupama said...

Thank you RM.

raji said...

@anu ..this one iam reading now .its really beautiful ,the way u have expressed "rain".I MEAN its not just rain for me ,but a different situation too explained in this story;the doors ones shut is now opened and its too late..and the wait continues,...nice lines.