Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shades of Gray

shades of gray

On the slopes of snowy hills
In the midst of dense greenery
Beside the pure stream silvery
Mine is a cottage small, full of art.

The mysterious Life my inspiration
The trees, clouds, birds and hills
Seeker of beauty, I try to capture
The nature’s beauty on the canvass

Paints, colors, brushes, paper
All companions in my lonely life
Creating a world of mine own
I live here in my humble hut

This journey of mine was yellow bright
Then had strips of mild orange green and raging red
Before it turned to dark sad black
I stopped it in the shades of gray

Yes, shades of gray I call life now
Not sad black, not happy white
Not so good, not that bad
Just a median line of peace

When there is happiness immense
Distress stands behind waiting
Bliss and gloom just change their turns
In the life’s drama, so strange

So don’t bloom in merry days
Don’t be depressed when gloominess prevails
Be ! calm and serene because only peace remains
Search the inner peace and that’s what you need



sridhar rao said...

its nice to ur poietry here
what will happen...
when dance became dancer???/
what will happen
when poietry became poiet?
what will happen
when colours beacem artist?
just i wanted say ur the art and art is presenting u

anupama said...

thank you colorman....!!!!