Sunday, September 16, 2007

It rained that day!!!!

I bare myself and stand here waiting
Since long have been this way wailing
All ablaze and thirsty am I
For one drop of love my crave

Oh Sky my love please see this way
Crying aloud your beloved earth
Please cover me with all love
And quench my thirst for all

Let your love pour out roaring
Filling me here inside out
Let there be no place left
Where your Love can’t reach

I will blush again all green
Tender and shining with all mirth
Feeling complete that you are here
Will meet you at the rainbow bridge


Joyer said...

Dear Anupama,

This one is quite good.
It appears as if you have worked a lot tuning it right.

The rythm and flow are perfect

A simple reader

anupama said...

thank you JOY!

this is the third version of the same poem which i had written years back and lost..

i like to write simple-readers!!

chetan said...

superb..the last stanza is great...