Friday, September 10, 2010

Can't you make me smile again!?

63 years you count and cheer

pat on your own backs, a pride false

what so great to smile, to celebrate

when I stand grieving, can’t you see?!

I cry, yes I cry

For those who burn alive

Blast away as thousand charred pieces

Merrily who walked the street, unaware

Moments after are just specks numerous

Oh I cry, my heart bleeds

For those sons of my own soil

Day and night who till and toil

Burdened up they live in turmoil

And garland themselves in a rope coil

How can I not grieve? Yes I do!

Living in the valley of exotic beauty

My children think only of black soot

Hollow hearts they move about,

Dying each day; anticipating terror.

I am angry, too furious

At all your smiles of false triumph

Over blind issues: all your fights

Religion, region, mine and his

Never think of me? Am I still “MOTHER” India?!

Wake up my children, please I beg

Can’t you make me smile again

And bask in the pride of being ‘ME’

Mother to a Nation of virtues, where

Each one smiles straight from the heart.


Mak said...

Very nice. A very touching way to send the noble message. Great work.

Haddock said...

.....really, no one cares about Mother India.
(all are busy filling in their own pockets)

anupama said...

Thank you Mak

@ Haddock, Very true and SAD