Friday, August 27, 2010

Silent togetherness (POEM)

an article of the same name converted into a poem!!

Path glistens after the drizzles fresh
Pearls of raindrops on brim of leaves,
A little wind; pearls showers like stars.
Rare monsoon blooms shine bright.
A strange freshness fills the evening air.

Matching his small steps I walk him to the swing
We sit; enjoy the sway to and fro
He sits silent, a sweet smile and dreamy eyes
I too am quiet savoring the scenic marvel.
A rare “silent togetherness” me and my son.

These small moments of happiness; untold
Is all the wealth that we can amass,
Can keep it with us intact till the very end
So appreciate these and start the hoard :)

1 comment:

chetan said...

...this good poem needs to flow a bit more ....