Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In the silence of the hour I sit and click and click around here on my pc. I listen to the sweet chirps of the blabbering birds below and there is a happy silence in the home. After a week long of talks and talks now it feels great in this solitude where I am with me and with me once again. Humans are social beings they say, but with all the social needs I think each of us need this solitude, to sit back in silence of our solitude and think or just enjoy this existence, to retrospect, to just relax. I enjoy it very well unlike some who might feel it boring to be lonely. May be I crave for loneliness sometimes strange as it may sound


AJEYA RAO said...

Anupama, totally agree, sometimes lonliness is bliss....I enjoy my lonliness too, it allows me to enjoy the company of myself and things i love to do.

Mak said...

I feel happy that you r blessed with an environment of enjoying ur loneliness..i mean to enjoy hearing the beautiful is indeed very rare now..I too enjoy my helps me write blogs :) apart from doing lot other things..

raji said...

@ anupama ,u know how hard it is for me to get my lonliness.but when i get it i really feel its a bliss,a very unacheivable thing!i really enjoy my solitude.